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Emeralds is the travel softball program offered by Elmhurst Baseball & Softball League (EBSL) and is designed for select, competitive players who have the skills, work ethic, maturity and understanding of the sport required to take their game to the next level and prepare for high school competition. 

Players are challenged to maintain the time commitment of the travel program and a healthy respect of the game required to further develop skills and competitively face a higher level of skill than typically seen in the in-house league. Coaches are committed to encouraging our athletes to be team players while building character and confidence. The Emeralds' mission is to provide a healthy and competitive opportunity for young players to achieve their highest potential both on and off the field.

Participation in the Emeralds program is dependent upon being selected after participating in tryouts. 

The Emeralds travel softball program starts at the 9U/10U (10 years old and under) level and continues to 16U. A player’s “softball age” is their age on January 1 and this will determine which team they will be eligible to play.

Emeralds Travel Softball

Generally, our Emeralds Travel Softball program has a 10.5 month season. Teams participate in a fall season starting in late August with practices 1-2 times a week (left to manager discretion). The fall season also consists of anywhere from 15-30 games, broken out between league games, "friendlies" and tournaments (left to manager discretion). 

Emeralds teams hold winter practices January through March. These winter practices are usually twice per week and consist of one indoor batting practice and one indoor agility, fielding, and throwing practice. One of the practices is usually held on a weekend and the other held during the week.

In the spring, most of our Emeralds teams play in a local spring league. A full schedule of games will run from April until late June. Additionally, Emeralds teams also participate in multiple (approximately 6-10) tournaments and/or round robins. Emeralds teams may travel out of town for a regional or national tournament (left to manager discretion). The season concludes by mid-July (high school players will play Emeralds games beginning in June running through July in accordance with IHSA rules).

Selection for Emeralds is based on tryouts, held in July. If selected, each player must pay a Player Participation Fee, a fee to Bo Jackson Elite Sports, and a Uniform Fee. We anticipate the Player Participation Fee to range from $800-$900 per player for the full season (depending on the age level and number of tournaments played), the Bo Jackson Elite Sports fee to be roughly $900, and Uniform Fees to be $250-$400. Any out of town travel expenses are in addition to these fees.

Emeralds Payment Structure

1. EBSL Initial Payment: An initial fee of $500 will be charged by EBSL. This fee must be paid within one week of acceptance of your roster spot and acts as a down payment on the total fees for the year. Players will be ineligible to practice or play games until payment is made. This fee is non-refundable. This fee covers umpires, league fees, insurance, light fees, park district fees, tournament registrations, facility usage (not including the Bo Jackson dome), and team equipment.

2. Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports: Emeralds teams practice at least one time per week at the Bo Jackson Dome in Bensenville during the winter season. We have partnered with Bo Jackson Elite Sports and have extensive access to their indoor facility, in addition to their professional instruction to augment our own highly qualified managers and coaches. Each manager will make the decision as to the level of commitment his or her team will be making to the facility and their instructors, which determine the amount each player will owe. Payments will be made directly to Bo Jackson Elite Sports. The initial down payment will be due on October 1, and monthly installments may be required in the months thereafter. Players who are not up to date with payments will not be allowed to participate in practices or games. This fee covers indoor team practices and professional instruction at the Bo Jackson Dome​ in Bensenville.

3. Late Season Payment: Near the conclusion of the season, any outstanding balance will be charged to your account. This fee covers umpires, league fees, insurance, light fees, park district fees, tournament registrations, facility usage (not including the Bo Jackson dome), and team equipment.

4. Uniforms: Uniforms will be ordered directly though our uniform/equipment partner after team selection in August and is separate from the payment to EBSL.

5. Fundraising:  Each team will fundraise to defray costs. Managers will work with families to create their own team-specific fundraising opportunities, and there may be program-wide fundraisers where profits are allocated across teams. Monies raised are applied directly to team costs and will reduce the overall cost per player. In some seasons, these fundraisers have produced significant and meaningful reductions in player costs.

Emeralds Part-Time Travel Softball

For certain age groups (varies by year), Emeralds also offer a part-time travel softball program.

Emeralds part-time travel teams allow athletes to gain exposure to the competitive level of travel softball at a lighter level of commitment. This program is in addition to and complements the EBSL in-house league. You must register and participate in the EBSL in-house league in order to tryout and participate in the Emeralds part-time travel program.

The Emeralds part-time travel teams will participate in practices and potentially play games against other part-time travel softball programs on Sundays in May and June. The part-time activities will not interfere with the EBSL in-house schedule. In July, part-time travel teams will practice approximately two times per week (left to manager discretion), and play in 2-3 tournaments (dependant on appropriate level tournament availability). The season will not go beyond the month of July.

If selected to play on a part-time team, each player will pay a Player Participation Fee and a Uniform Fee. We anticipate the Player Participation Fee to range from $200-$400 per player and Uniform Fees to be $150-$300.


Emeralds Contacts

Emeralds Contacts

Sue Bieterman
EBSL President

Patrick McMahon
Emeralds Softball Commissioner



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