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Rockies T-Ball!
by posted 04/02/2022

Hello again Rockies and Rockies' Parents!

This is a repeat message from last Saturday on the Sports SignUp PlayApp.  We snuck out of town for a few days of sun during Spring Break, so I apologize for the delay in responding to some of you.  We still have a couple that need to sign up for the app, so I'm resending the note from last week here through the website via email, and answering a few questions that were asked as well.  

Update:  it's a balmy 33* now 🤣, up from 22* last week, and the rains and snows of the last week and upcoming week will continue to make the grass greener, the trees will continue to bud and the warmth of  Spring and the heat of Summer will be here before you know it.  It's T-ball Season!  

Our first game is April 21st at 6pm.  Although we'll have 30 minutes of practice before every game during the season, I'm going to run two practices before the season starts.  Having done this with Coach Chris Buenik last year, it made a world of difference for our girls when the season started.  Weather pending,we'll practice:


Sunday, April 10th -1 pm at Washington Park, North

Saturday, April 16th - 1 pm at Washington Park, North


Please be sure to bring helmets, bats, gloves AND  water bottles.  UPDATE AND QUESTION BY KRISTOPHER:  I was informed by the league that I will probably be getting helmets to share this year (wasn't an option last year with Covid restrictions).  Some of the girls that played last year have helmets already.  However, this is really a matter of preference and if each parent is comfortable with sharing helmets.  I see our Rockies have two VanKleeks, so if the girls can wear the same helmet and it fits, that is perfectly fine.

At practice, we'll do introductions, practice throwing, catching, running and hitting.  I will bring drinks and snacks for after practice.  We're still waiting on our jerseys and balls due to supply chain issues, but we have plenty from last year to practice.  I will keep you all posted on this.  

Again, most of you have registered an account on the App - Sports SignUp Play.  I strongly encourage all to download and use the app, as the majority of our communication will be here.  Again, for those using the app from last year, please log out and log back into see the schedule and roster for this year.


Im excited to coach the Rockies and help teach the girls safety, develop fundamentals and most importantly, always having fun!  If any parents want to help with coaching during practices and games, please let me know (and thanks to those that have already reached out!). 

if anyone has any questions or concerns throughout the season, please don't hesitate to call, text or email me directly. I look forward to seeing you all next Sunday!  

Let's play ball!

Coach Brian Newton 





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