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EBSL Umpire Program 2023

General Information

  • Umpires must be 12 years old by July 1, 2023.
  • New Umpires are eligible to umpire Pinto, Beginner Girls and Junior Girls.
  • Umpire assignments will be based on your availability profile that you maintain on the website.
  • Assignors will assign games using our website. Umpires will be notified by email. In some cases (e.g., reschedules), you may be contacted directly by phone. At any time, you can log in to the website and see your assignment schedule.
  • Umpires needing to cancel an assignment prior to 48 hours before the game can do so on the website. If you need to cancel within 48 hours, you must contact your assignor directly.
  • Please review this material from Umpire Training.


Important Notes

  • You are required to attend the trainings sesssions. Times and locations are TBD.
  • Every umpire will be required to have their own email address. Siblings will not be allowed to share one email address.
  • The Umpire Program requires a $10 fee up front to join. This fee covers umpire shirt, clicker, umpire assignment mobile app and training. 


Assignment Supervisors

  • Pony, Bronco, Intermediate Girls, Senior Girls

Mrs. Sue Bieterman



  • Mustang, Pinto, Beginner Girls and Junior Girls

Mrs. Sue Bieterman




Pay Rates

  • Pinto / Beginner Girls - $15
  • Junior Girls - $20
  • Mustang / Intermediate Girls - $24
  • Bronco / Pony / Senior Girls - $32
  • Working alone pays an extra 50% - except in Fall Ball, which is typically a single umpire


Pay Days 2023

2023 Umpire pay days and locations are TBD.

Don't forget your Pay Cards!


Umpire Responsibilities

  1. You are expected to be at all of your assigned games 20 minutes prior to starting time.
  2. Failure to show up at your assigned game will result in not getting future games. You are responsible for finding your own sub with the approval of the assignors. Call and get names and numbers for subs at least 2 days in advance. All subs must be approved.
  3. In the event of bad weather, if you are not called, it is your responsibility to go to the park and confirm that there is a game. You will not be paid for canceled games due to bad weather. If a game is started and then stopped due to bad weather, you will be paid.
  4. Report any unsportsmanlike behavior from players, parents or coach’s to Mr. Vasta immediately after the game. Email is sufficient.
  5. In the event of lightning, you must stop the game immediately and proceed by the rules.
  6. All games have a time limit and no new inning can begin after the time limit. Notify manager prior to limit. Each league may have a different time limit. Know your rules.
  7. Umpires will be expected to work any forfeited games since you will be paid.
  8. Get the games started on time and keep them moving. Allow only 5 warm up pitches between innings or one minute, whichever is shorter. STAY ALERT and don’t chat between innings.
  9. If your partner does not show up, report it immediately after the game to your assignment supervisor. You will receive 1.5 times the pay rate if you umpire alone.
  10. Pay cards must be filled out before the game and signed by both manager’s. The top two completed copies belong to the manager’s and the hard bottom copy will be your pay card to submit on the umpire pay days. NO CARD, NO PAY!


For Questions, please contact:

Sue Bieterman