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Emeralds Travel Softball

The Elmhurst Emeralds is the travel softball program offered by Elmhurst Baseball & Softball League (EBSL) and is designed for select players who have the skill, competitive work ethic, maturity and understanding of the sport required to take their game to the next level and prepare for high school competition. 

Players are challenged to maintain the time commitment of the travel program and a healthy respect of the game required to further develop skills and competitively face a higher level of skill than typically seen in the in-house league. Coaches are committed to encouraging our athletes to be team players while building character and confidence. The Emeralds travel program’s mission is to provide a healthy and competitive opportunity for young players to achieve their highest potential both on and off the field.

Participation in the Emeralds program is dependent upon being selected after participating in tryouts. 

The Emeralds travel softball program starts at the 10U (10 years old and under) level and continues to 18U. A player’s “softball age” is their age on January 1 and this will determine what team they will be eligible to play on.


Emeralds Part-Time Travel Softball

The Emeralds part-time travel teams allow the girls to gain exposure to travel softball. The players continue to play in-house softball with and against their friends and neighbors. The Emeralds part- time team introduces the player and their family to the commitment and level of competition of travel softball.

The Emeralds part-time program is in addition to and compliments the EBSL in-house league. You must register and participate in the EBSL in-house league in order to tryout and participate in the Emeralds part-time travel program.

The Emeralds part-time travel teams will participate in practice games against other part-time travel softball programs on Sundays in May and June. The part-time activities will never interfere with the EBSL in-house schedule. Starting in July, part-time travel teams will practice 2-3 times a week (left to manager discretion), and play in 2-4 tournaments (depends on tournament availability and scheduling). The tournament season will not go beyond the month of July.

If selected to play, each player will pay a Player Participation Fee and a Uniform Fee. We anticipate the Player Participation Fee per player will range from $100 - $200 while Uniform Fees will range from $50 - $100.

Try-outs for the Emeralds part-time teams are typically held held in February. Keep an eye on our website.

**NOTE 2021 Tryouts will be held in late April.


Emeralds Full-Time Travel Softball

The Emeralds also offer a full-time travel softball program. These players no longer participate in the in-house softball league.

The Emeralds full-time teams participates in a fall season starting in late August where the teams will practice 1-2 times a week (left to manager discretion). The fall season also consists of a fall league which is usually about 15 games. In addition the Emeralds full-time teams play in 2-3 tournaments (depends on tournament availability and scheduling).

Emeralds full-time teams begin winter practices in January through March. Practices are twice per week and typically consist of batting practice in an indoor facility on a weekday and agility, fielding, and throwing in an indoor facility on Saturdays.

All Emeralds full-time teams play in a spring league, typically in the Illinois Power League or West Suburban League. A full schedule of games will run from April until the end of June. All Emeralds teams also participate in multiple (approximately 6-8) tournaments during that timeframe as well. The full-time season usually concludes by mid-July.

Our Emeralds full-time teams might travel out of town for a Regional or National tournament as well, but that is at manager discretion.

Selection for Emeralds 10U-18U teams is based on try-outs, typically held in July/August. If selected to play, each player will pay a Player Participation Fee and a Uniform Fee. We anticipate the Player Participation Fee per player will range from $800-$900 depending on the age level and number of tournaments (Out of town travel/hotel expenses are in addition to these fees) while Uniform Fees will range from $100-$150.


For more information, please contact:

Craig Heiss

Girls Travel Commissioner