Elmhurst Baseball & Softball League is Elmhurst's oldest and largest youth baseball & softball organization. EBSL provides a safe, fun, and competitive environment for 1000+ kids every season.

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Elmhurst, IL
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Welcome to Elmhurst Baseball
& Softball League

Elmhurst Baseball & Softball League is Elmhurst's oldest and largest youth baseball/softball organization.

The mission of Elmhurst Baseball & Softball League is to provide to all of the youth of Elmhurst, regardless of their ability or gender, a positive baseball or softball experience:

By promoting the principles of good sportsmanship and fair play;

By teaching, encouraging, and supporting sound fundamentals through good coaching; and

By ensuring that all youth have a safe, fun, yet challenging opportunity to enjoy the game.

How Teams are Formed

How Teams Are Formed

All teams except T-Ball are formed by manager draft.

Boys & Girls T-Ball levels are formed by the League. Whenever possible, the League will try to assign multiple T-Ball players from the same school to the same T-Ball team so that the children can play with their classmates. Please note that this is not always perfect. One T-Ball team, for example, might have 6 players from Jackson and 6 players from Visitation. And another T-Ball team might have 3 players from Visitation and 9 players from Lincoln. There is no way to ensure your child will be on the same T-Ball team as his/her best friend.

Unfortunately, at all levels of play, requests for car pools or specific team/manager assignments cannot be honored.

Siblings playing in the same league level will always be on the same team.

Each team will have one manager and one coach. These two adults and their children will all be on the same team. Once teams are formed, managers can select additional coaches from their team's parents.

Colt/Palomino and Travel teams are formed through a specific try-out or selection process. Dates and time for these try-outs will be posted on our website in the future.


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Playing Up or Down

Playing up/down a level

If you're interested in having your child play at a league level other than their age-determined level, you must request permission of the Executive Committee of the Board to play at a different level. Please register your child for their age-appropriate level, and during the registration process you will have the opportunity to make this request. The Board will review your request and get back to you with a decision.


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Spring 2022

2022 Age Eligibility & League Levels

Elmhurst Baseball & Softball League welcomes any player who is “baseball age” 4-16 years old (player's age on September 1, 2022) and is an Elmhurst resident, attends an Elmhurst school, or played in the league last season.

Children should be registered into the league level that corresponds to their age. For example, a baseball age 8 yr. old girl should register for Beginner Girls. Requests to play up or down can be made during registration.

Players are not eligible to play in Elmhurst Baseball & Softball League (EBSL) if they participate in other baseball/softball leagues or teams not sponsored by EBSL during the 2022 season.  Players cannot play on club or travel teams if they are playing in EBSL, except for Explosion/Emeralds Part-Time travel teams.

Note: Sometimes after registation for season is complete, levels might be shuffled slightly to balance out the numbers. Parents will be notified if that decision is made.

League Levels

Baseball Levels


Probable Game Days

Boys T-Ball


Thursday & Saturday



Monday & Friday



Wednesday & Saturday



Tuesday & Saturday


13-14 (& freshmen if not playing high school baseball)

Wednesday & Friday


15 & 16 – tryouts



Girls Softball Levels


Probable Game Days

Girls T-Ball


Thursday & Saturday

Beginner Girls


Tuesday & Friday

Junior Girls


Monday & Saturday

Intermediate Girls


Wednesday & Saturday

Senior Girls

13-14 (& freshmen if not playing high school softball)

Thursday & Saturday


Game days are subject to change based upon field availability and number of participants.


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Spring 2022 Registration

Spring 2022 Registration Opens 11/1

We will open registration for Spring 2022 season on 11/1.

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Your email address is your log in. If you're not sure which email address you used for your account (or if you need to change it), just contact us through the Contact EBSL link on the left. If you forgot your password, click Sign In in the upper right hand corner, then click the "?" next to password (Forgot Password) and the system will send you an email on how to reset your password.

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Field Status
Butterfield 1 - Elmhurst TBD (10/20) 
Butterfield 2 - Elmhurst TBD (10/20) 
Butterfield 3 - Elmhurst TBD (10/20) 
Butterfield 4 - Elmhurst TBD (10/20) 
East End 1 - Elmhurst TBD (10/20) 
East End 2 - Elmhurst TBD (10/20) 
East End 3 - Elmhurst TBD (10/20) 
Eldridge - Elmhurst TBD (10/20) 
Plunkett 1 - Elmhurst TBD (10/20) 
Plunkett 2 - Elmhurst TBD (10/20) 
Plunkett 3 - Elmhurst TBD (10/20) 
Van Voorst - Elmhurst TBD (10/20) 
Washington North - Elmhurst TBD (10/20) 
Washington South - Elmhurst TBD (10/20) 
York Commons - Elmhurst TBD (10/20) 
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